Top Phones to be released in 2016

1. Google Nexus 6P

Nexus 6p
Google Nexus 6P is a huge upgrade in Google exclusive smartphones flagships after the recently discontinued Nexus 6 by the giant company. I believe 2016 is the year of phablets coz every huge brand is considered the standard display of 6 inches, which somehow earlier was considered huge to fit in the pockets. Unlikely other Android OS, Nexus 6P is to come along with its own series of junk free Apps with the exclusively designed operating system Android Marshmallow 6.0.
“While the design of Nexus 6P will not have a significant difference from the Nexus 6, however the user interface is being considered to have major upgrades and improvements”, confirmed by Huawei team, the makers behind Nexus 6P.
Nevertheless, the design seriously needs to get rid of plastic back and should have a premium feel to it.
Here are the Specifications of Google Nexus 6

Ram: 3GB of LPDDR4
Screen Size: 6 inches
Resolution: 1440 * 2560 pixels (518 ppi pixel density)
Chip: Powerful Snapdragon 820 Chip
CPU: 2.0 GHz octa core 64-bit ARMv8-A
Camera: 12.3 Megapixel stunning Camera and 8 Megapixels Front Camera
OS: Android Marshmallow 6.0

2. HTC ONE M10
htc one m10HTC One series, though competitive in terms of innovative designs and features have seen a long time struggle to maintain its market share in comparison to the major rivals such as Samsung and Apple Smartphones. Hopefully, HTC M10, the next upcoming Smartphone by the Taiwanese company, which is set to be released in March 2016 will help in reviving the loss seen by the Company in the last two years. This time HTC is adding all the major add-ons that are becoming the standard in the market, which are:
Fingerprint Scanner
Heart rate Sensor
Waterproof body, which could be a little complex considering the metallic bodies of HTC Smartphones, but it is strongly recommended by HTC to be added in M10
Let’s have a look at the expected specs that are rumoring over the market.
Better Sound: when it comes to the speaker, HTC beats everyone in the market. So, HTC M10 is gonna come up with even heavier and richer Boom Sound experience, maintaining the USP of the HTC Series.


Display: Standard 5 inches or a little more with the amazing 4k screen resolution
Processor: Powerful SnapDragon 820
RAM: 4GB RAM storage (Awesome!!)
Camera: 27MP dual-camera, front and rear
Battery: Powerful 3500mAh
Storage: 32GB

3. LG G5
Just a while back, LG confirmed its upcoming model LG G5, which will be launching in the second quarter or 2016. LGG5According to the leaked rumors LG is going to add the “Magic Slot”, that will allow users to expand and customize the hardware features of the gadget along with the innovative next-gen gadgets like VR headsets. Let’s have a look through all the speculated features, LG G10 is gonna come up with.

Display: 5.6 OLED with hopefully 4k resolution
Processor: Snapdragon 820 chipset
RAM: 4GB of RAM Memory
Internal memory: 32 to 64 GB (expandable up to 200GB)
Design: Premium Metallic chases with the curved edges.
Camera: Stunning 16 MP rear and 8MP front autofocus lens Camera along with the RGB Sensors
Battery: Unlike 3200mAh, the LG is reducing the Battery to 2800 mAh, the reason is unclear so far.
Operating System: Android Marshmallow


Samsung has always been successful to appeal to the masses across the globe, coz of the Company’s remarkable marketing strategies. From higher end premium category to the lower end low price category, Samsung has everything for everyone. Sticking to these awesome strategies, this year Samsung is launching the hugely anticipated Galaxy S7. According the rumors, it is strongly expected that the Samsung will unveil the first look and specifications Galaxy S7 this February during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So, the fans just have to wait for a little while. Till then, let’s have a look at the specs that Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming up with according to the leak rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs:
Display: According to the few sources, Samsung this time is reducing the screen size from 5.7inches of the Galaxy S6 to 5.2 inches AMOLED 4K SCREEN to include some innovative features, but I don’t believe in these rumors, Samsung Galaxy series has always been to increase the screen size, so I believe that the screen size will either be similar to Galaxy S6 (5.7’’) or for that matter, 6 inches. Whatever it is, the time is not too far to see the actual look.

Operating System: Android Marshmallow
CPU Processor: Following on the footsteps of the Apple, Samsung announced that their future flagships will have their own integrated chips. So Samsung Galaxy S7 without any reason will have EXYNOS 8 OCTO Chip

GPU: ARM Mali- T880 to eliminate and outperform its predecessors in the terms of cutting edge 3d gaming
Camera: 20MP Rear and Front Camera
Battery Life: Non Removable Battery this time, which is being argued by many.
Release Date: Hopefully Febrerury 2016


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