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Top next-Gen games to be released in 2016


Top 10 Next Gen Games to be released in 2016
While we had a lot of fun exploring 2015 that came up with freakin hot powerful features, but many games were a major disappointment in all. Many games turned out to be the big disasters, which as the matter of fact, is covered in the worst games of the year article in my blog. Now coming to 2016, I thought it that this year is gonna be the same, however the expectations totally turned on the positive side after some mind-blowing announcements seen in the recent PSX conference held in the Paris. So after concluding everything, here is the list, top utterly cool games that are immensely buzzing to find a place in my Gaming Library. I am certain, that you will also agree to this.
So the countdown starts with the reverse order

Street Fighter V
Release Date – February 16th
Platform- PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you are a fan of the classic legendary game that redefined the age of 8-bit games, then certainly it’s the must buy for you. Powered by the beast unreal engine 4 technologies, the trailer and gameplay videos make it obvious that it is going to rewrite the history. Not only the characters are developed more vividly, but the attention to the detail infused in the surrounding environment by the developers utterly shows their love for classic. The game is developed by the unparalleled partnership between the SONY and CAPCOM PRO. So both innovative studios have added the best of their skills in the game.
First time in the history of the Street Fighter Genre, Sony is adding the cross-platform compatibility feature, that will bring all of your friends on the unified platform. So go multiplayer this time and explore the ultimate fusion of the conventional and contemporary features.

RELEASE DATE: 11th March 2016

After the phenomenal Hitman Absolution, Hitman Franchise was not able to give a consistent follow-up, turned out to be the disappointment for many fans. So after a long wait, finally Fans applauded with a wide smile when I/O interactive developers announced the console version of the hugely strategical third person shooter at the E3 2015 conference. The immensely detailed game, published by the “Square Enix” studio looks cinematically phenomenal in the recently published videos and the gameplay. This is certainly gonna be a treat among the Fans to be released in 2016. I am personally being a fan of tactical shooter game was disappointed by the over-rated “ Metal Gear Solid” the phantom pain, which was ok though, but had typical flaws with a weak story.

So, let’s see the original third person strategy based tactical shooter, originally inserted by Square Enix, will be able to win your hearts or not.


Release Date – Mid 2016

Platform – PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
The enormously fast pacing, visually stunning and brutal gameplay, when first revealed at E3 2015 conference, it received an immense reception both by the critics and gamers. Furthermore, when it was confirmed that this time DOOM is going to be published by Bathesta studio, the fans go crazy and that makes it as one of the masts awaited game for 2016 list. Initially though I wanted to put it number 6 on the list, but sometimes huge expectations result in epic failures. So let’s keep our finger crossed till we get our first hands on this gruesome First Person Shooter.


Release Date: March 8, 2016
Platform: PS4, XBOX One and PC
Finally the wait is going to be over with the release of highly awaited and hugely anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division. I hope it doesn’t get postponed further. Developed and published by the exceedingly credible UBISOFT’s Studio, it is going to be an Open World tactical game set up in the New York City. Although the gameplay mechanics is not different than other third person RPG, but the real fun lies in the dynamic open world environment of the New York City to explore and eventually SAVE THE CITY!!

Dark Souls 3

Release Date: April 12th 2016
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Developed exclusively by the Fourth Square Studios and Directed by the critically acclaimed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, “ Dark Souls 3”, an action oriented RPG with the cutting edge cinematic visuals with the cut-throat gameplay. In Dark Souls has always known to be the sort of franchise that put the extensive details in terms of the gameplay, adding all the physical dynamics, however somehow always get criticism from the graphical perspective.
Since the revelations of the trailer at E3 2015, the developers confirmed that this time they are notching up the loose visual gears and turning into a perfect blend.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Release Date: TBA

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
When it comes to Sony official release, expectations are astoundingly raised among the fans, coz of the benchmark that past releases have created like Uncharted Series, Kill-zone series and much obvious, “The God of War”. Recently at the Paris conference, Sony showed the detailed gameplay of the “Horizon: Zero Dawn” The game is in the post development stage, confirmed by Guerrilla Games studios. It is apparent through the first impressions that Game is an open world RPG designed with the attention of the details. Though in the development, the trailer looks stunningly dynamic. The characters skins looks like a real life. I guess this game will set to the next level benchmark showing the amazing potential of the Powerful Sony.

The Last Guardian

Release Date: Autumn 2016
Platform: PS4 exclusive
The most longest awaited game in the genre of Playstation Platform is finally set to be released this year. The gameplay shown at E5 2015 was incredibly striking as expected. Developers confirmed that Last Guardian, is gonna be the perfect blend of the beautiful story, larger than life gameplay and magnificent visuals. This again is a Sony Official game, which has started creating an enormous buzz even months prior to the release.

Release Date: December 2016
Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC

Being developed and published by BIOWARE and EA, Mass Effect Andromeda is a Role playing third person shooter game, which, though officially revealed in 2012, somehow disappeared and never heard back. Surprisingly, when the official trailer was shown this year at E3 2015, the reception was phenomenal. Just watch the video and experience the visuals urself!!

Uncharted 4 thief’s ends
Release Date: April 26th 2016
Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Nathan Drake, the name speaks for itself. Uncharted series has always been the soul of the Playstation. I have no doubts that it is going to be a Masterpiece in the history of the Uncharted.

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