Best five games available on Smartphones and Tablets with Insane Graphics 

There is no doubt that I like console gaming to the core. My favorite console is PS4, though I also have XBOX ONE. Since I keep travelling a lot, I always carry PS Vita and I pad. In this blog, I am writing about my personal top 5 recommendations of my personal choice. These games are perfect to play, if you are looking for console like graphics and gameplay. If you also got some recommendations, then don’t forget to mention in the comments below.

5. Dead trigger 2


Dead trigger 2 is one of the best Zombie shooter ever creDead Trigger 2 screen-shotated on Smart-Phone. The game is well crafted and smooth to play. It gives a tough competition to other games in the same genre with console like graphics. Environment looks dynamic with life like locations.Trigger2 is a critically acclaimed, downloaded by 33+ million users across the globe. So if you haven’t played it till now, tap on the app store and join the mission to save the world.

4. Brother in Arms 3 – Son of War

brother of arms3


It is a critically acclaimed shooter-action game with cutting edge graphics and spectacular kill cams. You play the role of Sergeant Wright, and have to overcome the difficult journey due to aftermath of D-DAY Invasion.

You have to cross multiple pulse racing missions, leading your team of sharp-skilled brothbrother of arms 3ers. Game is technically advanced with dynamic visual details in indoor and outdoor settings. The game gives  a tough competition to consoles nailing on good story with eye-catching details.

3.Hellraid: The Escape

hellraid the escape


Hellraid created the record by making its place in the Top 10 Apps on App store with in 48 hours. It is one of the fastest downloaded apps with almost 40 million+ downloads. HellRaid is an action-adventure game with challenging missions. Apart from the fighting skills, you equally have to use your mind in solving multiple puzzles. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 technology, which is enough to describe its high quality visuals.

2. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

god of fire


It is an action-adventure saga with spectacular visuals like consoles. Hold your weapons and immgod of fire 2erse yourself in multiple modes of boss-battles in the breath-taking dazzling environment. You need to solve various puzzles and brainstorming riddles. You get a chance to play with some uniquely crafted ultimate weapons, which really feel edgy.

1.Modern Combat 5


modern combat 5- 2This FPS shooter has raised the standards of mobile gaming platform with it’s stunning graphics and dynamic play. If you really looking for the console quality in every dimension, then thismodern combat 5 is the game to put your hands on. Multiplayer campaign has never been so fun on the mobile platform.Be a part of the squad and show-off yourself killing the opponent squad members.

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