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Sony PS4 continues to rule yet again

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Sony PlayStation conference at E3 this year was a treat to watch. While Microsoft entire focus at E3 conference was to over marketed the 4k featured X box One X console, Sony reciprocated the audience by going with the old adage, “Action speaks louder than the words. Just after a curtain raised, the synchronized Indian music complemented to the surprising glimpse of the most anticipated game by the most renowned Naughty Dog’s –Uncharted lost legacy was a treat to watch- that too, during the beginning of the show. 

From this moment, I started wondering that what Sony is keeping to show for the end of the show. No wonder, it is going to be bigger. Right? Anyways, the thought was evaporated in moments with the showcase of the following gameplay of the spectacular world of the Sony’s upcoming exclusive to the critically acclaimed the “Horizon Zero Dawn- ‘The frozen wilds’, set to be released 2017 fall. And it didn’t stop there! Days gone stole gameplay, which was the third swing in the row, clearly captivated my heart.


Soon Sony’s PlayStation head “Shawn Leyden” took the stage, noting the Sony’s ultimate vision of the PlayStation, “It is Just about the games”.

It was a treat to watch to see the upcoming VR games. Sony clearly indicates that the company is aggressively focused on bringing the mainstream AAA games to the VR platform, which is my actual desire. Eventually, Sony showcased all the prominent upcoming Virtual reality games, which I found more refined than the last year launch trailers.


Very soon the moment we all waited for stunned the audience. Yes! “God Of War” developers Santa Monica Studios showcased the much-awaited release of the next Gen-God of War gameplay with spectacular details and captivating story line, also declaring the official release time in the beginning of 2018.

While reaching towards the end of the show, the initial though again started popping in my mind as Sony is a real master in showcasing something epic while ending the conference, for the last many years, it was and had to be Uncharted, but this already happened, in the meanwhile the spectacular world of the next-Gen “Spider Man” was in front of me. Frankly, being not much of a spider man series, I was a Lil let down, but gradually the epic visuals and synchronized real time gameplay cinematic lured my eyes. It was fun and better looking than Spiderman Movies, making me an instant fan of this upcoming saga. I clearly can’t wait to put my hands on the actual Spider Man gameplay as soon as it will be out!

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