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Oculus Lift: An updated Review

Oculus Rift hands onIt is 2016, the wait is finally over, and finally we have stepped into the next era of the technology with the very first Virtual Reality Gadget Oculus Rift on 28th March 2016. It is really a major overhaul in the deeply immersed visual experience that one has ever experienced. With the release of the Oculus Rift VR headset, the professionals have revealed that this incredible experience takes you to the similar experience, when the preceding generations upgraded from Black and White TV (that too only few people could afford) to the colored one. So, in the recently held GDC 2016, I finally got the chance to deeply experience the final version of some cool upcoming games that has been designed for the Oculus Platform. So let’s through a brief review of much anticipated hands on experience by submerging myself into this unparalleled world of the intensified real time virtual world.

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If you have many enormous dramatic expectations from the Oculus, then you need to drop some, otherwise I’m sure you will disappointed. On the flip version, just consider it as the “Step One” feel of the virtual reality, just like the late 90s, when you got into the grove of the 3d gaming of the Playstation One (First console) from the 8-bit generation. How cool was it!

Technical Aspects of the Virtual Reality
Priced at the hefty amount of $599, Oculus Rift supports the mesmerizing OLED display lens with the advanced resolution of Oculus Rift2160 * 1200, with the cutting edge frequency of 90Hz to diminish the latency issues. The headset is so light weighted and well balanced that I hardly experienced any uncomfort while playing the demos on it. Over the top, it supports 360 degree tracking movement, so you can really turn around and see what is going around by moving your head, just like the way in the real world. Furthermore, to justify the expensive price, it comes along with the X Box controller. Undoubtedly, Oculus lift integrated software and the hardware with the user-friendly interface and, light weighted; easy to wear headset makes it one of the most advanced VR gadget obviously to be the first benchmark in the Visual Technology.
Now, apart from the Xbox controller, which certainly limits the possibility of dynamic movement experience of the Virtual World of the gaming, there are official Oculus Touch controllers adapted with hand movement tracking technology, however the disappointing factor is that it has not yet released, nevertheless has been announced to be coming up in December 31st 2016( Pre- Orders are open). This can be considered the smart strategy by the tech company certainly to enhance the profitability. Personally, I found this as one of the negative strategy, that is not gonna be in the favor of the Company Tactics due to the robust competition in the market.

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