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Is your Mac Speaker suddenly stopped working or grayed out?

Whether the new OS Sierra is responsible or it is a hardware issue, it is a real mystery to understand that why suddenly so many Mac Users across the globe is facing a neveroccurred before the issue of sudden disappearance of the inbuilt speakers from time o time. I have been using Mac since 2011 and have never come across or even heard this issue till it happened to my MacBook Air recently. After doing every hopeful suggestion listed on the Google, some of the most famous once are

  • Reset Ram
  • Reset PRAM and SMC
  • Inserting a headphone jack repeatedly
  • Cleaning Audio port output using toothpicks (that make no sense!)
  • The commands can be easily found over the internet, however, nothing is of no use!

Trust me, nothing works at all. Or is anything works for someone, it doesn’t work on another. (Which is obviously not an official solution)


Apple recently documented some of these indefinite solutions along with the clear 

statement that Your Mac might need a repair, which is totally an inadequate response to such a vague issue that is not expected from a credible company like Apple

If you are facing the same issue. My only advice to you is either use a Bluetooth speaker or headset that works for certain or be patient till the volume bar appears again, which is also certain.

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