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IPhone not getting charged. How to fix your lightning cable/port.

I faced a lot of issues with I PHONE 5. New I PHONE 5 certainly shined like no other phone. However, after a little while I started seeing ugly scuff marks on the edges(even when my I Phone was in a case with utmost care). Premium feel slightly went away. Ok finally, I thought to ignore it as I saw almost every person facing the same issue. 

Then come another problem. ‘Charging issue’, which drove me crazy. After researching on the web, I found thousands of people have come across this problem. All my confidence in Apple products dropped down. After facing these annoying issues, I can surely say that Apple is certainly not the best.

Here are few to fix the I phone 5 charging issue temporarily. It may/may not work but worth giving a try when your phone’s battery is dying(as we don’t have any other option in that critical time). Although, the permanent fix is to go to apple care and they obviously would charge you a handsome amount, if you are out of battery.

Temporary Fix.

1. Blow into the lightning port to remove all the dust/debris. Even If you can’t see any dust, there is some hidden dust inside, which you need to blow off. 

2 Now after a minute or so, hook the lightning cable in the port. It may start working.

3. In case, above steps don’t work, tactfully wrap the cable across the phone and put a pressure gently on either left or right side(whatever may work for you) to the lightning port.This is a ‘Hit or Miss’ try but worth giving a shot, when you don’t have any other option. If it starts charging then carefully rest the phone in that place only till it charges.(Sure it annoys)

This temporary fix may work but it will irritate you and keep getting worse, so don’t be late and take it to Apple care and fix this thing permanently.

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  1. I remember how my apple iPhone 5 use to irritate me. Actually the dust inside the lighting port is true.

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