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I Phone 7 Specs leaked


I Phone 7

Since the inception of I Phone and love for the most creative, innovative functionality (sometimes a complete overhaul and many times, very subtle yet the most useful innovations), have always been allured by the critics and embraced by the Apple Users. There are very few brands that are able to create an unbeatable phenomenon that despite of knowing the flaws they tend to stick with the brand. Having said that all, I am not intending myself to be the fanboy of the Apple Phones, however the phenomenal rise in the sales for the past few years, making it evident that Apple has significantly raised its level of love among the users.

Since Apple Company have confidential and secretive policies, therefore nothing is certain that that’s what will be actually revealed, but we are always too excited. So going through the speculations through the various resources, here is the list of few certain features that has got the highest probability to be featured in the next Gen of the iPhone series.

Apple I Phone 7
Release Date: As always Apple, showcases the next generation launches in the mega conference launch in September, so will definitely be available to buy in the month of the November in the United States and gradually to all across the globe.

Technical Aspects:
The most demanded expectations of the Apple Fans is the Water Proof Design. Certainly, it is the crucial attribute that is not important but very necessary.

Next Generation Touch ID: If you are eager to know that what would be the next landmark in the Touch Scan ID technology, then APPLE iPhone 7 series is serious to be excited for. Yes, it is the most legitimate rumor that Apple is going to install an encrypted Touch sensors encryption on the display and moreover, into the official built in apps to enable even more personalized Data Security.

Revolutionized A10 Processor Chip

Apple never compromises on the processor speed and this is the major factor that even Apple IPhone4s owners don’t feel any processing / lag issues, while on the contrast, other major phone companies have not able to sustain a single phone in the market of that much older generation.

RAM: A10 chipsets will be inbuilt with 2 GB of the RAM in I phone 7, whereas for iPhone 7s it is gonna be 3 GB

Wireless Charging Features
This time the rumors are more stiffened that I Phone 7 and 7s will support wireless charging much like Apple Watch. So the wait is surely over guys!

Even More, Thinner
I wonder how Apple Engineers are able to slice out the thickness everytime on the launch without any software and hardware bug. It is confirmed that, this time Apple has confirmed to remove the 3.5mm Jack Support to create the free space to carve out, thus reducing the thickness to make it more edgy

Baseless Rumors*
Please note that these are just my opinions. Most of the magazine articles are coming with the concept that I Phone 7 is going to curve edges or for that matter, it would to the AMOLED display similar to the Samsung flagships. The other such hilarious rumor that I Phone 7 Plus is going to be compatible with the “APPLE Pencil”. If you ask my opinion, there are many sorts of such kinds of rumors that are baseless and doesn’t come through the official channels. I read an article in one of the mediocre blog, that Apple has affirmed to incorporate the much enhanced 16px Camera aligning with its competitive rivals. So, Again it is a baseless and fake rumor.
Those who are aware of the Camera pixels concept, it is apparent that the Pixels have nothing to do with the Picture quality. You even pick my phone 5s camera today and compare the pictures clicked through it with any smartphone’ s 12MP camera, You would still find the Pictures quality clicked through the I Phone better. So it is definitely just a pixel game.

So the time is not far when we will have our hands on the real I PHONE 7 and 7 plus, till then you can post your opinions on my scribed thought.
And Please don’t forget to add your opinion and expectations for the most awaited next Gen I Phone & Technical aspects.

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