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God of War 4 Gameplay Preview: An aggressively redefined experience

After an unbeatable showcase by Sony’s lovable studio “Naughty Dog’s uncharted 4 last year, Sony’s another official productions by the another best Santa Monica’s studio have once again nailed it again at E3 2016 with the enduring and unexpected showcase of the sequel to the cult game of the last two generations of none other than “God Of War” franchise. Like I said, It was neither an anticipation nor a rumor, nevertheless, Sony kept it a total secret and pulled it off successfully to lure the PlayStation Fans by showing the 10 minutes long immersive gameplay with an enormously amplified and totally dazzling environment with an utterly new storyline. God Of War 4 is introduced with the new child character that is going to play none other as Kratos Son. Just like the 2014 masterpiece “Last of Us”, the gameplay delivers an epic emotional journey of the father and a child passionately charged life like grip in the most dangerous mythological environment.

In addition to the astonishingly advanced graphics, the fighting cut scenes with the slow motion integrated combat brought charged sensations of the cheerfulness among the audience across the globe. Undoubtedly, the game won the Best Critics Award beating every other game presented at the E3 2016. It is evident the massive fan segment of this energized franchise can’t wait for the release of God of War 4.

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