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E3 2017: Is Microsoft Xbox is digging its own grave?

This year E3 2017 Microsoft XBOX ONE X Conference turned out be too vague and furthermore, disappointing throughout the whole period of the event- while introducing a countless number of the games that nonetheless look like the garbage in terms of the next-Gen graphics, lack of the smooth gameplay and animated graphical visuals mostly used by the indie game developers.
The evolution of the cutting edge technology in the Gaming Market is pushing every major developer to the unparalleled limits to create an innovative experience in every major game suffused with the next Gen graphics, better storytelling, smooth controls, not to mention; a stunning 4k and HDR resolution running at superlative 60 FPS. However, it takes a perfect approach to blend all these components with the optimized accuracy to develop a game that becomes a series like Uncharted or for that matter God of War, both of them developed by official Sony studios. Since the launch of PS4, Sony has literally given a new approach to the console gaming that actually has put a question mark on the previously trending debates on the “End of the Consoles Era” due to the unending growth and the popularity of the Mobile Gaming Market.

What makes the Microsoft X-Box one X a shame in the world of Gaming?

Xbox One X Console Controller

Microsoft started with the shimmering auditorium with the entry of the Microsoft Head “Phil Spencer”, proudly announcing the upgraded console named X box One X powered by an enormous 6-teraflop GPU and 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, undeniably surpassing the PS4 Specs at a bay. Though the announcement of the speech was promising, except two or three games, watching every other game make me believe that Microsoft surely has forgotten that for Gamers it is always the gameplay that values more than nothing in the game except the polished graphics. To add further to the disastrous announcements, Microsoft hardly discussed anything about the VR games, which significantly considers the future of the Gaming (essentially FPS games). Sure, it is always a treat to experience the content created for the 4k resolution, but exploring the games in the real-time hardly made is believed that the Company is pushing it as a Next –Gen Gaming standard ignoring all the upcoming innovations defining next Gen gameplay. Isn’t it a shame that Microsoft Xbox One X is being prepared to be integrated into the Windows 10, giving us an interesting glimpse of how in the name of cross-platform compatibility, they aspire to sync the console market share with the Windows users, which holds the maximum PC share, hence focusing on linking the Windows 10 users to the XBOX with the intention of how to amplify the profit share. This shift in the vision is somehow not being getting a good reception. People care more about the console to provide the cutting edge graphics synchronised perfectly with the smooth gameplay and interactive cinematic. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single game that showed us this cutting edge experience.
In my opinion, Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 conference turned out to be a complete misadventure. The phase when X-box 360 thrived the HD revolution putting it on the list of top consoles is limiting their own life, focusing less on the player’s needs but more on the profit margins.

It was a real waste of time for me to attend over two hours of my precious time watching the unbearable Microsoft Conference, focused overwhelmingly on over exaggerating on 4k resolution support, which is already a standard now on PS4 Pro and PC gamers. So I didn’t understand the intentions of Microsoft standards on the Gaming. The conference started
It is undeniable that Microsoft is unbearably running on the strategy of degrading the quality of the console games by sticking to the shaming strategy of making the console into a media, entertainment hub focusing less on the AAA games and continuing with almost a decade old games like Halo, Titanfall, Overrated call of the Duty Series. Don’t you agree that these games are becoming more of tediousness rather than exploring quests?
Well, not to mention, with the Microsoft glorious attempt to focus more on the community games with the Windows 10 compatibility, the event showed us few prominent games that look interesting like “Anthem” and widely applauded “Sea of the thieves”.
Unfortunately, all our big hopes that we anticipated from Microsoft’s Xbox One x presentation n was a big letdown, essentially for the hardcore gamers. Xbox Onex will be out on the shelves with the initial price tag of $499 this fall. Frankly speaking Microsoft X-box E3 2017 conference was a huge disaster for the hardcore gamers who are probably interested in the AAA games, however, if Xbox continues to deliver the same kind of incompetent games unlike ps4.
Having that said, it is highly detrimental to the survival of Xbox consoles to upkeep with the constant evolution of Playstation official games, which is optimally developed through the cutting edge tools by the Sony’s official studios that needs no introduction such as Santa Monica and our beloved Naughty Dog( Is there anything else to mention about them!)

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