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CES 2016: An absolute disaster in the name of an Innovation

The recently held CES 2016 (Consumer electronic conference) in Las Vegas, Nevada had an overwhelming hype among millions of Tech enthusiasts and lovers, however, it all turned out to be a “Great boast and a little roast”. All the giant names in the tech industries definitely displayed and showed their unique innovations with a vibrant presentation, but unfortunately their excitements while describing the so called innovative gadgets did not align much with all that I actually anticipated from the event.

I actually expected that 2016’s CES is going to be the year of revealing the finest updates or perhaps up gradation in the VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and not to mention, Sony’s Virtual reality major updates in terms of the Hardware and the Software. But to my surprise, nothing of that sort was declared or shown. On the opposite side, all the major companies like Samsung, LG, Sony were all keen to show their latest advancements (Not much though) in the launch presentations of 4k TV Brands.
Furthermore, Samsung executives were seemed too amused to reveal their latest Refrigerator Brand in the hub of their smart refrigerator with the new uninteresting added features like the integrated cameras within the fridge that is directly connected to your Samsung Smartphone, so that you can check anytime that what is missing or consumed out of the groceries. Furthermore, them very heartily described about now how you can straight away shop all the needed groceries at the right time for the inbuilt shopping apps. I mean is that it. As the matter of the fact, in the name of the innovation, Samsung just showed a bunch of “Internet of things” features that we have already been aware of for the past couple of years. The multimedia enabled apps on the smart touch screen of the refrigerator was really required? I don’t think anybody would have time to go through the video/Tv Apps or perhaps want to spoil the food preparation while diverting the focus on the multimedia apps. I regretfully say that these are just the pure waste of time and skills to build an unnecessary hub in the refrigerator.

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