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Best Smartphones to buy in 2015

Best Smartphones to buy in 2015


SAMSUNSamsung Galaxy S5G has been ruling the charts for almost a decade with its galaxy series. Galaxy s5 is lot similar to s4, with some enhanced hardware and software features. It comes with 5.1-inch Full hd Super Amoled screen display. It is powered by SNAPDRAGON 801 Chipset. Screen is beautiful to look at with vivid and bright colors. One of the coolest feature about it’s design is, it is water and dust resistant. Its ultra power saving feature can keep your phone awake for a long time even if it’s battery level is low. Galaxy s5 offers you a stunning 16 megapixel camera, which captures beautiful images with the visual details. It’s HDR Richer Tone feature give you crisp and natural contrast. It has smart in-built heart rate sensor, which measures your heart rate with a simple touch. It has 2gb ram and supports external memory unto 128 gb with microSD. 


htc m8HTC ONE M8

This year HTC has launched an another great phone to increase it’s market share. HTC ONE M8, comes with the unique aluminum unibody finish, which gives it a premium feel. It is powered by 2.3GHZ Quad core processor. It has 2gb of standard ram and runs on Android – 4.4.2. The design of M8 is spectacular. This time the company has increased the screen size to 5’’ from 4.7’’(HTC M7), which brings it in the league of its major competitors like SAMSUNG and LG with the similar offerings. Full HD 1080p resolution screen looks sharp and vivid with better viewing angles. Camera quality at 4 Megapixel ‘ultra pixel’ is slightly mediocre. So, those looking for a great camera quality, should probably avoid buying it. However, if you are looking for stunning speaker quality than this smart phone is the beast, that has no comparison.


I PHONE 6Finally Apple has launched it’s masterpiece with the bigger 5.5 ‘’ display, fulfilling the demand of millions of people. The screen runs at a full 1080p resolution which looks sharp and flamboyant.The gadget is powered  by A8 processor, which gives a robust 25% more CPU performance and 50% more graphical performance. One of the best trait of  I PHONE 6 PLUS is it’s powerful 2915mah battery, which offers 80 hours of stand by. Many I phone 6 plus users I Phone 6have stopped worrying about ‘running out of battery issue anymore’. Camera quality is top- notch with the optical image stabilization hardware support, which makes it a champ among other rival smartphones available in the market. Even, if you take a super shaky shot with the camera, It stabilizes it very smoothly. Over the top, nothing can beat it’s a amazing design and premium aluminum body. I Phone 6 plus is the phone which can be considered as an ‘ All- rounder’.


Samsung Note 4 is the another beast in the market with. Samsung is rapidly worked to overcome  it’s muchgalaxy note 4 criticized ‘’cheap plastic body feel’’ of the phone and have come with the Phone with premium finish. The phone looks stylish and luxurious with its metal body frame and leather feel at the back. The display looks gorgeous, bright and colorful with 5.7 AMOLED inches with 1440*2256 resolution, which offers one of the highest resolution in the market. The camera is 16 mega-pixel now with better picture quality. You can shoot 4k videos with this smart device, which is a huge jump in technology for a smart phone.Quad core Snapdragon 805 chipset and 3GB of RAM makes it enormously fast. Battery draining quickly, has always been an issue with Note users, however, this time, there is a significant improvement in the battery life. S-pen(Samsung stylus), has always been the USP of Samsung Note series. Though, there is not much change in stylus features than Note 3, but it is fun to use and quite useful feature for Note fanboys.

Sony Xperia z3


Z3 is another powerful and beautiful phone launched by Sony after Z2 with improved performance and additional features. Seems like Sony’s commitment to fix performances in their flagship phones are finally reaping and generating nice profits to the Japanese company after a long struggle. It is a power packed phone with 3GB RAM,  2.5GHz Quad core processor and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. It comes with the screen size of 5.2’’ with full hd Triluminos  display which ensures bright and realistic display with wide viewing angles. One of the best features which will definitely lure the gamers is ‘’Remote play’’ with Playstation 4. Multitasking seems very easy and effective without any lag. Above all, Z3’s remarkable ‘water resistant’ feature makes it a top-notch device. In addition to this,  Z3 is also dust resistant. So you can take it to wherever and whatever condition without any fear. 

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