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Best financial apps to monitor your finances

In the recent times, technology is gripping every aspect of our life. With our busy work schedules, it is really tedious to keep track of our financial records. Proper financial management is a key factor to success for every individual, especially young entrepreneurs. Thus, to make life simpler, developers have come with various apps to handle our finances and to prevent our pockets going red. As per recent statistics, 6 out of 10 people are dependent on financial management apps to keep track of their accounts. However, when it comes to choosing these apps, it is very critical to download an authentic and legitimate app in our smartphones to keep our banking/credit card information safe. Saving our credit card and other crucial info in any other app is a risky business. Therefore, we are listing some of the top five apps out of plethora of apps in the market, which are safe to use,resulting in building our financial life a lot simpler and healthy.

Best financial apps of 2014.



COST – FREE                                                                                     billguard 1

Billguard is one of the most trusted and safe app. It syncs all your personal account information neatly.It smartly monitors each and every transaction and immediately send an alert in case of any suspicious transaction, thus saving you from internet frauds and thefts. It comes with the user-friendly interface and makes you your life happy by regulating your wallet. If you do not recognize a charge, you can immediately get a merchant information with a tap. Most interestingly, you can demand your money back in case of any unfair charge found on your account.




   expensify Expensify intelligibly makes expense management easy. Gone are the times, when you have to carry around receipts cluttering your pockets every time. Now you can just take a picture of your receipt and throw it away without any worry. Its smart scan feature makes you paperless, making your life easy and happier. It is one of the critically acclaimed app to download. So just go for it!

3. Check



check 1 Check is an award-winning app which is well accepted by media and keep your financial life proficient. If you get trouble paying you bills online in your busy schedules, then this app keeps you safe. You can smartly save yourself by late fees and overdraft by relying on this safe app. Like all financial apps it monitors your bank account and credit cards in one place. It sends you alert notifications when your funds are low. You can efficiently schedule your bill payments and pay on the go absolutely free with this smart and secure app.





Level money is an awesome and well designed app with a friendly interface. Now you can release all your financial burdens and worries with this reliable app. this incredible app can be used as your financial advisor, saving you a lot of valuable time. With this stunning app, managing your budget is a ‘tap’ away.


1. Mint



COST – FREE                                                                   

Mint does all the your tasks of organizing and sorting your expenses for you. It is a detailed oriented personalized application thatmint app 1 can even track tiny expenses such as groceries, clothes, lattes etc. You can your expenses in easy to understand chart format. Mint helps you to make and manage your goals. it is easy to achieve your goals with this app as it gives gentle reminders and free advice with re-enforcement. It helps you plan and move ahead by getting a clear picture how much you spent in which category. You can even monitor your spending month-to-month.

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