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4k HDR Tv is the next big thing of our Home Entertainment!

Plasma Tvs, HD Ready, and Full HD
It all started a decade back, almost in 2000, when TV technology say a gigantic overhaul, thereby replacing the old generation of big, fat, old n massive Television sets that totally justified the terminology most commonly known as the “Idiot BOX”, with the sleek n stylized flat panel TVs with the higher resolution of the pixels and henceforth, totally revolutionize of the visual experience of the medium of home entertainment.

What is Plasma TV Technology?

Plasma Tv
Plasma Tv

Plasma TV panels were the first and foremost technology that was reciprocated the standard Boxes. The technology was certainly was an answer to the consumers who wanted to experience the virtual entertainment through the bigger displays, generally 30 inches and above. The flat panels were named as Plasmas coz of the internal frame which was filled up with the tiny cells of the ionized gasses of the color gamut of Red, Blue, and Green Colors, which could be electrically charged through electricity, eventually lighting up the display to amplify the standard quality into the digital one.




Evolution of LCDS and LEDS technology

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Led TV

Though Plasmas was shaping into the trend, but the technical problems were equally prevailing with the rise in the sales.


The major technical issues such as,Huge energy consumption, Burn In Faults( freezing of the white colors), very low dark and brightness levels and last but not the least bulky sizes are some of the biggest drawbacks that changed the mind of the people to switch to the newly launched LCD and LED technology adopted by all the major brands in the league.

LCD and LED TVs were invented with a totally different concept, which is built up with the two individual transparent layers with are polarized and bonded together in a specific style so that current can be passed through the specifically individualistic crystals to evenly lightened up the display. Though LCDS, in the beginning, saw and overwhelming rise in the sales, however still there was a major room for the improvement in the energy consumption with the induction of LED panels that undoubtedly reduced the heightened heated levels of the fluorescent lights due to LEDS energy efficient quality. Furthermore, Backlit LED’s were introduced to enhance the brightening effect of the LCDS panels.

Introduction of the 4k UHD (Ultra High Definition TV)

4k-hdr-tvIn mid-2015, the major league of the Electronic manufacturers came surprisingly with the utterly new concept that redefined the whole digital movement in the world of the televisions. Although Samsung pioneered the concept by showcasing the 4k TV branded as “Ultra High Definition” (UHD), likewise different companies launched up with the whole new series of 4k TVs labeled with the optimized brand names as per their individualistic marketing strategies.

When I first visited the nearby electronic showroom in the nearby Shopping Mall, I was literally stunned to watch the life-like clarity that was unquestionably noticeable.

Most importantly, the dynamic feature, which is “HDR” (High Dynamic Range), left me with no reason to think that, Yes 4k TVs is the point where the chase stops as it eliminates all the bugs that are constantly faced by the consumers in one way or the another.

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