4k HDR Tv is the next big thing of our Home Entertainment!

Plasma Tvs, HD Ready, and Full HD
It all started a decade back, almost in 2000, when TV technology say a gigantic overhaul, thereby replacing the old generation of big, fat, old n massive Television sets that totally justified the terminology most commonly known as the “Idiot BOX”, with the sleek n stylized flat panel TVs with the higher resolution of the pixels and henceforth, totally revolutionize of the visual experience of the medium of home entertainment.

What is Plasma TV Technology?

Plasma Tv
Plasma Tv

Plasma TV panels were the first and foremost technology that was reciprocated the standard Boxes. The technology was certainly was an answer to the consumers who wanted to experience the virtual entertainment through the bigger displays, generally 30 inches and above. The flat panels were named as Plasmas coz of the internal frame which was filled up with the tiny cells of the ionized gasses of the color gamut of Red, Blue, and Green Colors, which could be electrically charged through electricity, eventually lighting up the display to amplify the standard quality into the digital one.




Evolution of LCDS and LEDS technology

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Led TV

Though Plasmas was shaping into the trend, but the technical problems were equally prevailing with the rise in the sales.


The major technical issues such as,Huge energy consumption, Burn In Faults( freezing of the white colors), very low dark and brightness levels and last but not the least bulky sizes are some of the biggest drawbacks that changed the mind of the people to switch to the newly launched LCD and LED technology adopted by all the major brands in the league.

LCD and LED TVs were invented with a totally different concept, which is built up with the two individual transparent layers with are polarized and bonded together in a specific style so that current can be passed through the specifically individualistic crystals to evenly lightened up the display. Though LCDS, in the beginning, saw and overwhelming rise in the sales, however still there was a major room for the improvement in the energy consumption with the induction of LED panels that undoubtedly reduced the heightened heated levels of the fluorescent lights due to LEDS energy efficient quality. Furthermore, Backlit LED’s were introduced to enhance the brightening effect of the LCDS panels.

Introduction of the 4k UHD (Ultra High Definition TV)

4k-hdr-tvIn mid-2015, the major league of the Electronic manufacturers came surprisingly with the utterly new concept that redefined the whole digital movement in the world of the televisions. Although Samsung pioneered the concept by showcasing the 4k TV branded as “Ultra High Definition” (UHD), likewise different companies launched up with the whole new series of 4k TVs labeled with the optimized brand names as per their individualistic marketing strategies.

When I first visited the nearby electronic showroom in the nearby Shopping Mall, I was literally stunned to watch the life-like clarity that was unquestionably noticeable.

Most importantly, the dynamic feature, which is “HDR” (High Dynamic Range), left me with no reason to think that, Yes 4k TVs is the point where the chase stops as it eliminates all the bugs that are constantly faced by the consumers in one way or the another.

God of War 4 Gameplay Preview: An aggressively redefined experience

After an unbeatable showcase by Sony’s lovable studio “Naughty Dog’s uncharted 4 last year, Sony’s another official productions by the another best Santa Monica’s studio have once again nailed it again at E3 2016 with the enduring and unexpected showcase of the sequel to the cult game of the last two generations of none other than “God Of War” franchise. Like I said, It was neither an anticipation nor a rumor, nevertheless, Sony kept it a total secret and pulled it off successfully to lure the PlayStation Fans by showing the 10 minutes long immersive gameplay with an enormously amplified and totally dazzling environment with an utterly new storyline. God Of War 4 is introduced with the new child character that is going to play none other as Kratos Son. Just like the 2014 masterpiece “Last of Us”, the gameplay delivers an epic emotional journey of the father and a child passionately charged life like grip in the most dangerous mythological environment.

In addition to the astonishingly advanced graphics, the fighting cut scenes with the slow motion integrated combat brought charged sensations of the cheerfulness among the audience across the globe. Undoubtedly, the game won the Best Critics Award beating every other game presented at the E3 2016. It is evident the massive fan segment of this energized franchise can’t wait for the release of God of War 4.

To follow all the upcoming news related to the development and the release of God of War 4, please subscribe to the blog. I’m excited to read your opinions and expectations about this innovative Santa Monica’s upcoming experience

Uncharted 4: The Best PS4 Experience


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Final Trailer Launched

Just announced a day before, the hugely awaited Naughty Dog’s most awaited game Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End trailer will be out today. This sudden announcement by the producers was enough to create an enormous buzz among the Uncharted Fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of the game, which is just a couple of days past the release. The new trailer of Uncharted 4 is the blend of the vigorous action packed cinematic gameplay, which surely is an eye candid watch.

Apparently, every consecutive video of the Uncharted 4, that has been launched since the announcement of the game looks more dynamic than the before, which shows the dedication of the Naughty Dog’s Developers to achieve the crowning perfection in the final proclamation of the Uncharted Franchise. ( Though it is not yet officially confirmed by the production house). Moreover, this amplified craze for the Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End is justified, since it is coming up after a long gap of five years since it predecessor “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, which was released on November 11th 2011. In addition to more positives, the game is to be released on the current generation Sony’s Playstation 4, which is an immensely powerful platform that has given the huge potential to the studio to craft the game to set the utmost benchmark among the current generation PlayStation

Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End is finally announced to be released on May 10th, 2016 and indisputably has already set the record of the highest bookings of the Pre-Orders games so far. I certainly can’t wait to put my hands on the disc on the very first day and experience the enormously powerful experience of the game. I am sure you feel the same.
I am eager to know your pre-opinions about the game and would be glad to know how are you feeling about the magnificent looking Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. So do comment if you are too waiting to experience Nathan Drake’s new adventure.

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift Vs HTC Vive : The Chase Begins

PS VRFinally, with the year 2016, the much-awaited period of the Virtual reality technology is finally commenced. Oculus Rift, just released on the march 28th, 2016, is undoubtedly creating a huge buzz, being the very first VR device to hit in the market. Certainly it has a few loopholes (check the Oculus Rift Review detailed review here), but all the negatives can be easily ruled out, considering it to be the very first VR gadget to be experienced by the Longley awaited fan boys. However, it cannot be ignored that along with any other company launching their own versions of VR prototypes, there are two other giant tech companies, which literally are expecting to set the major benchmark, in the similar Segment.

HTC ViveI am pretty sure that you have guessed it already. The first one undoubtedly is Sony official PlayStation VR, which is indisputably a sure shot hit for the number of positive reasons, which are efficient compatibility with the PS4 consoles with the broken record of maximum sales in the Gaming console market. Furthermore, the loyalty of the PlayStation Fan boys cannot be ignored who indisputably cannot bear any criticism for the PlayStation Units, and last but not the least is the flexible price introduced by the Sony, which is certainly much lower than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.




Oculus Rift

So let’s compare some topmost features of the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive and analyze which one of them will finally appeal the most to the customers and eventually create a higher record of sales in the Market.

Sony PlayStation VR vs. HTC VIVE vs. Oculus Rift in terms of the Specifications.

PlayStation VR Oculus Rift HTC Vive
Pixels 1920 x 1080 2160 x 1200 2160 x 1200
Refresh Rate 120 HZ 90 HZ 90 HZ
View Field 100 degrees 110 Degrees 110 degrees
Controllers PS Move/ Dualshock Controller Xbox One Pad/ Oculus Touch Integrated 2 X Vive baton controller/ PC controller compatibility
OS PlayStation Network Windows Windows




Oculus Lift: An updated Review

Oculus Rift hands onIt is 2016, the wait is finally over, and finally we have stepped into the next era of the technology with the very first Virtual Reality Gadget Oculus Rift on 28th March 2016. It is really a major overhaul in the deeply immersed visual experience that one has ever experienced. With the release of the Oculus Rift VR headset, the professionals have revealed that this incredible experience takes you to the similar experience, when the preceding generations upgraded from Black and White TV (that too only few people could afford) to the colored one. So, in the recently held GDC 2016, I finally got the chance to deeply experience the final version of some cool upcoming games that has been designed for the Oculus Platform. So let’s through a brief review of much anticipated hands on experience by submerging myself into this unparalleled world of the intensified real time virtual world.

Oculus Touch prototype (Half Moon) - right-hand controller (clos

If you have many enormous dramatic expectations from the Oculus, then you need to drop some, otherwise I’m sure you will disappointed. On the flip version, just consider it as the “Step One” feel of the virtual reality, just like the late 90s, when you got into the grove of the 3d gaming of the Playstation One (First console) from the 8-bit generation. How cool was it!

Technical Aspects of the Virtual Reality
Priced at the hefty amount of $599, Oculus Rift supports the mesmerizing OLED display lens with the advanced resolution of Oculus Rift2160 * 1200, with the cutting edge frequency of 90Hz to diminish the latency issues. The headset is so light weighted and well balanced that I hardly experienced any uncomfort while playing the demos on it. Over the top, it supports 360 degree tracking movement, so you can really turn around and see what is going around by moving your head, just like the way in the real world. Furthermore, to justify the expensive price, it comes along with the X Box controller. Undoubtedly, Oculus lift integrated software and the hardware with the user-friendly interface and, light weighted; easy to wear headset makes it one of the most advanced VR gadget obviously to be the first benchmark in the Visual Technology.
Now, apart from the Xbox controller, which certainly limits the possibility of dynamic movement experience of the Virtual World of the gaming, there are official Oculus Touch controllers adapted with hand movement tracking technology, however the disappointing factor is that it has not yet released, nevertheless has been announced to be coming up in December 31st 2016( Pre- Orders are open). This can be considered the smart strategy by the tech company certainly to enhance the profitability. Personally, I found this as one of the negative strategy, that is not gonna be in the favor of the Company Tactics due to the robust competition in the market.